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Kaiden and the North American Lions Become World Champions

Back in March we introduced you to Kaiden, a 13 year old rugby player from Berks County Pennsylvania. Kaiden was selected to play on the prestigious U16 North American Lions, a team that would soon jet off to Austria to compete in the United World Games.

We were introduced to Kaiden to help cover his travel costs so he could join the Lions as they embarked on a European rugby tour. You can read all about Kaiden's journey here.

Kaiden stands next to Coach Stelluti on a paver sidewalk. Both have their arms folded and are smiling at the camera.
Kaiden and Coach Stelluti in Germany

On June 16th, Kaiden and the North American Lions touched down in Europe and got straight to work, preparing to take on the world's most elite youth rugby teams. We followed his journey as he played a tournament in Germany and then headed on to the United World Games. And Kaiden and the Lions dominated! They beat teams from Israel and the Czech Republic, leading up to a championship faceoff between the hosting country of Austria.

United World Games U16 Rugby Championship North American Lions - 36

RC Donau from Austria - 12

Kaiden and Coach Stelluti are wearing medals and holding a gold trophy.
Kaiden and Coach Stelluti holding the championship trophy

Kaiden and the Lions are World Champions! We are so proud of this accomplishment and immensely honored to have played a role in Kaiden's path to success. Above all, we are thankful for our donors. Without your support, Kaiden would not have been a part of this momentous and life changing experience. Thank you from Kaiden and thank you from everyone at Ballers & Bookworms!


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