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Our First Impact: Barnegat High School Wrestling

When Ballers & Bookworms says we're here to level the playing field, we really mean it! That's why we're so excited that Barnegat High School Wrestling is our first impact.

Here's the story:

Our Executive Director, Tyler Kazio, received a phone call from head wrestling coach Brendan McCarthy. The coach goes on to tell Tyler that his team just finished a match and he's heartbroken, not only from the results but because of something even worse.

Some athletes on the Barnegat team can't afford to purchase their own wrestling shoes so, in between matches, his athletes have been swapping shoes with teammates. What broke Coach McCarthy's heart was that his team was being laughed at by their opponent.

At Ballers & Bookworms, we're not about that! We're not about poor sportsmanship and we're definitely not going to stand for a lack of proper equipment. Every athlete deserves to compete on the same level.

In two days, we delivered 11 new wrestling shoes to the Barnegat team!

"The donation of shoes has been the difference between kids wrestling and not wrestling. Ballers & Bookworms has made the entry point for our sport attainable for students who would otherwise be left without this opportunity. We can’t thank them enough for the contribution to our program!” - Brendan McCarthy, Head Coach

This effort and massive impact would not have been possible without your support. Check out this video to watch how the delivery of shoes unfolded. If you want to help more teams like Barnegat Wrestling, please consider a donation so we can continue to impact student-athletes who are in need.


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