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Rachel Ornstein


Rachel graduated with her bachelor's in psychology from George Mason University and recently received her M.P.A. with a concentration in nonprofit management from Rutgers University in December 2021.

Rachel discovered her passion for nonprofit while working at Putnam History Museum in Hudson Valley, New York, first as Director of Administration and then as Executive Director. When her fiancé, Matt, was transferred back to Michigan with his position at Ford Motor Company, they both jumped at the opportunity to create a home in the place where their relationship first blossomed. Rachel is now the Director of Development at Detroit Waldorf School in Detroit, MI where she is working to cultivate a school that not only serves its’ students and teachers, but the greater Detroit community.

Originally from central New Jersey, she understands the importance and need for an organization like Ballers & Bookworms.

Rachel Ornstein
2024 Ballers & Bookworms Football Camp
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