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Wrestling Shoes and Running Shoes for Keansburg High

We partnered with Keansburg High School to support eight students who needed new shoes and socks. Keansburg High School is a public school in Monmouth County, New Jersey, that serves students from grades 9 to 12. The school faces many challenges, such as low test scores, high dropout rates, and limited resources. Many of the students at Keansburg High School struggle with various barriers to accessing quality education and sports opportunities, such as homelessness, displacement, single-parent households, government assistance, special education needs, and language barriers. Some of them also lack the basic equipment and gear to participate in sports, such as shoes and socks.


That’s where we come in!


Ballers & Bookworms first heard about four wrestlers who needed new wrestling shoes so they could compete at their highest level. Some of these student-athletes had never owned wrestling shoes, having to borrow from a teammate or an old pair from a coach. We were honored to deliver four brand-new pairs of wrestling shoes to these hardworking student-athletes.


Later in the month, we received a request to assist four more students. Since Keansburg is a walking district, meaning there is no bussing to or from school, the faculty often sees students with tattered and worn-out shoes. In less than two days after the request, we dropped off four pairs of running shoes, along with sixteen packages of socks, to the school to hand out to the students in need.

Tyler Kazio from Ballers & Bookworms holds bags of shoes and stands with the wrestling coach from Keansburg High School

We hope that these two impacts will boost the students' confidence, motivation, and performance in both academics and athletics. We also hope that this will inspire them to keep pursuing their goals and to overcome any obstacles that they may face.


We want to thank Keansburg High School for their collaboration and support, and for allowing us to make a difference in their students’ lives. We also want to thank you, our donors and sponsors, who make our work possible. Without you, we could not do what we do.


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